How to use your AlphaBakes

Welcome to our new product, AlphaBakes! We couldn’t be happier to be sharing this hugely anticipated product line with you all, which has been months in the making & a cake tool lots of you have been asking after already! AlphaBakes is our very own unique Letter and Number Stamp Sets, which come in 3 unique fonts and are available in Large, Medium & Small sizes, with a selection of Uppercase, Lowercase and Numbers & Symbols. All fonts fit the same AlphaBakes Bar, so you can mix up your fonts to your hearts content.

AlphaBakes 'How to guide'

Step 1. Roll out your fondant icing to a suitable thickness (we recommend approx. 3mm thick) and then leave for a few minutes to firm up slightly to ensure the letters do not stick to the icing. If your icing is too sticky, use a small amount of flour or corn flour. 

Step 2. Lay out your AlphaBakes tiles into order (a font guide can be found on the product listing page which can be printed out from home). Select the letters/numbers/symbols and slide them onto your AlphaBakes Bar. All tiles have a small indent in the bottom which help to show which way up the tile goes.

Step 3. Each set comes with 2 spaces to use in between words and also 2 blockers which can be used to help hold your tiles in place if required. 

Top Tip 1. We recommend holding the letter between 2 fingers and sliding it along the bar rather than pushing it with along with 1 finger as this can cause the tile to ‘fall’ sidewards.

Step 4. Move the tiles so they are centred on the bar (use the line of the back of the bar to help you find the centre).

Top Tip 2. If the tiles feel stiff to move along the bar, move a tile or a blocker back and forth a number of times to help loosen it up. 

Step 5. Turn the bar upside down and push into your fondant applying a light, even pressure. (If you get an indent of the bar in the icing, you are pushing too hard).

Step 6. Hold the bar on the handle and gentle lift it away from the icing.

Step 7. Cut your icing using a LissieLou cutter to match the shape of cookie.

Step 8. Lift your icing and place onto your pre-baked cooled cookie (for the perfect cookie recipe try ours here on our blog). 

Top Tip 3. Try brushing the back of your icing or the top of your cookie with a small amount of water to help them stick together. 

Step 9. Once you have finished using your AlphaBakes Tiles and Bar, gently slide the tiles off the bar and place into a sieve (to ensure no small parts get washed down the drain!). Hand wash them in lukewarm tap water. Do not place in a dishwasher or in hot water. Pat dry with a cloth.

Here are some of our amazing creations from our LissieLou Brand Ambassadors

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