Louise Byrne - Feb 7 2021

The Ultimate Sugar Cookie Recipe

Valentines Cookies Embosser and Cutters

With it being the month of romance, we thought it was the perfect week to bring you a classic sugar cookie recipe, so that you can get your Valentine’s bake on and put your favourite LissieLou cutters, stamps & embossers to good use.

So we are sure that we are giving you the best recipe, we have teamed up with the wonderful Megan of Crumbs to share her go-to, non-spreading, classic cookie recipe.

Megan has let us in on a few of her trade secrets too, so make sure you follow her top tips below for the perfect cookies.

Megan uses her classic sugar cookie recipe to create beautiful treats for her customers.
Just look at how fantastic this recent order of hers was, using our Ballet Range

Sugar Cookie Recipe

You Will Need. 
570g Plain Flour
170g Unsalted Butter
115g Caster Sugar
1tsp Baking Powder
2 Medium Eggs
Splash of Vanilla Extract (Nelson Massey is Megan's favourite)
A pinch of Salt 

This makes approximately 25-30 cookies.

Top Tips
Your butter should be at room temperature to start. 
Depending on egg size, you may need slightly more or less flour, so add this gradually rather than in one go. 
Ensure all wet elements are blended thoroughly before adding to dry ingredients. 
Once the dough is made, place in the fridge to ensure it is cold before use.
Megan prefers using plastic cutters to metal ones to avoid ridges, so she says the LissieLou ones are perfect. 

Megan's Number ONE Tip
Make sure the dough is extremely cold when rolling out - this helps the cookies to hold their shape and avoid spreading  (but takes a little bit of extra muscle).

Baking cookies using the Valentine's range

Baking cookies using the Valentine's Patchwork Heart Cutter

Megan is inundated with cookie and cake orders daily, so this recipe is clearly a favourite. If you would like to see some of her truly magnificent creations, you can follow her on Instagram for daily baking goodness (@crumbsssss)

Using the XOXO, Je T'aime and Envelope of Hearts Embossers. 

Once you’ve given these sugar cookies a try we would love to see your creations, so make sure to share your photos with us and if you need any help along the way just let us know!

Louise and The LissieLou Team x 

Sweet Dancing Girl Ballet Cookie Cutter and Embosser

Sweet Dancing Girl Ballet Cookie Cutter and Embosser

Elegant Dancing Lady Ballet Cookie Cutter and Embosser

Elegant Dancing Lady Ballet Cookie Cutter and Embosser

Ballet Shoes Cookie Cutter and Embosser

Ballet Shoes Cookie Cutter and Embosser


Article credit : Images @luvelia.lifestyle & @crumbsssss


  • ShellyMar 20, 2022

    Hi should it be 170 grams of flour that’s far to much as above

  • LauraFeb 01, 2022

    Far too much flour!!!! Not a god recipe for beginners. An accurate flour ratio would be more helpful. What thickness should the biscuits be rolled to to bake for that amount of time? Wasted ingredients and time on this to have a dry flaky dough (and didn’t use loads of the flour I’d sifted out)

  • BeckyJun 04, 2021

    Hi, Do you use block butter or is stork ok?

  • Chantal HellensFeb 09, 2021

    What do you use to hold the fandant onto the cookie

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